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Southpaw Bar & Sushi- Lavender (Cavan Road) Omakase with Whiskey Pairing

Where do you usually go for Omakase? What about th e style and pairing for Omakase? Is it Sake with Omakase or do you prefer Japanese Whiskey? I know I've previously posted about an Omakase that was less than $100 on my Instagram. So you must be thinking that I’m a crazy fan of Omakase with this blog post  . Yes I admit it hahhaa. So now let’s look at my first ever Omakase blog post.  Southpaw Sushi The owner Roy Ng is a whisky connoisseur who collects all sorts of limited edition bottles so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting quality shots to go with your sashimi and sushi.   Roy told me that he realised that no restaurant is pairing jap food with anything other than sake and Japanese whiskey. So he decided he would be the first. Currently, he is also working towards being the best in Singapore. Roy’s good friend, Kenny Khoo, helms the kitchen. Having worked in Nogawa and Tatsuya previously, Chef Kenny has more than 17 yea

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